Android Tablets and Phones

Keeping Your Informed

Getting Your Attention

Your device is designed to alert you about important information, but it's important to manage those notifications and interruptions so they work for you. In this lesson, we'll cover:

  • Understanding how notifications work

  • Making notifications helpful

  • Managing device interruptions.

What are Notifications?

Your device is trying to get your attention!

It does this through a variety of methods, such as making various sounds, vibrations, on-screen pop-up messages, and app badge indicators. In addition, you can view a summary of notifications at any time in the Notification Center.

By simply swiping down from the top edge of your device, you can easily access the Notification Center. Make it a habit to check your notifications as one of the first tasks whenever you use your phone. It's like asking your phone, "What's happened since we last met?" Your device can keep you informed of any important updates, such as missed calls, changed appointments, new messages, and more.

Handling Notifications

When your device alerts you to an incoming call or other urgent notification, you should deal with it immediately by pressing the notification to take you to the related app. For non-urgent notifications, such as a new email message, you can choose to handle them at a later time. Some notifications, however, can be a nuisance and should be turned off.

The Notification list provides an easy way to handle non-urgent interruptions:

  • Read the message and note the icon indicating which app is sending the notification.

  • Tap on an important message to open the app

  • Swipe to clear a messages.

  • Long press to turn off or adjust unwanted notifications.

Manage the Nag!

Your device provides you with full control over how it alerts you. By long-pressing on any notifications, you can access more options. Tap the gear icon and choose from the following:

  • Set notifications to the recommended default

  • Silence notifications, allowing them to still appear on your list but without making any sound

  • Turn off notifications at their source

You can also manage notifications directly through the settings app. Keep in mind, not all apps send notifications, so only adjust settings or turn off notifications as needed.

Be Quiet!

It can be quite embarrassing when your device rings or beeps in the middle of a movie theatre or church service. Thankfully, you can avoid this situation by practicing a simple habit, just put your phone or tablet on silent or vibrate beforehand.

Easily silence your phone using the Do Not Disturb feature. In settings, you can create schedules for regular quiet times and set rules that allow important calls to still come through. Customize your control center buttons to put the Do Not Disturb button within easy reach.

Another option is to use the volume buttons to mute the sounds or activate vibrate mode on your phone. Don't forget to turn it back on after the event so you won't miss important calls.