Working with Contacts

What We'll Learn

  1. How your contacts are organized
  2. Using contact groups

Working with Email

Email can be broken down into four screens or activities:

Although these screens may be different on different devices, the functions and principles are the same.

Working with Contacts

Your email uses your contact list to quickly help you remember and use email addresses for people you want to send email to. It's important to spend some time to organize and most importantly, keep your contact information accurate and up-to-date.

You should be familiar with the following tasks:
  • Adding a new contact
  • Changing an email address or other information on a contact
  • Deleting a contact

Contact Groups

Contact groups are very helpful for quickly entering a group of individuals that you regularly send email to. For example, you may have a group for all your immediate family members, or the members of an organization you belong to.

You should be familiar with the following tasks:
  • Creating a new group
  • Adding and removing members from a group
  • Deleting a group