Organizing Email

What We'll Learn

  1. How to keep your email organized
  2. Additional tools and ideas

Staying Organized

Here are a few tips to help you stay organized when working with email:

  1. After you have read a message, decide what to do with it:
    • If it's junk, delete it.
    • If it's something that you need to do, mark it as important, or just take care of it if it's something quick.
    • If it something you want to refer to later, move it to a folder.
    • If it is spam, mark it as spam so that your email gets smarter.
  2. At any time you can find your email messages by looking at the folder you put it in, or more quickly by searching for it.

Search Don't Hunt

All email systems have a sophisticated search feature. Since you have virtually an unlimited amount of space, there is no reason why you cannot keep important emails indefinitely. By using the search capability, you can quickly locate any historical conversation or reference information contained in your email database.

Additionally, you can also create folders and specifically store certain emails in these folders.