Email Lists

What We'll Learn

  1. Working with Email lists
  2. Organizing and using your inbox

Working with Email

Email can be broken down into four screens or activities:

Although these screens may be different on different devices, the functions and principles are the same.

List Screen and Inbox

The first screen you will see when you enter email is the inbox. This is a list screen, showing you multiple email messages that you have not yet read, or that you have read and left in your inbox. Here are a few things to observe:

  1. There will be a number displayed, indicating the number of unread messages in your inbox.
  2. The list screen should show you a summary of the messages that includes: Who sent it, a subject, and when it was received.
  3. From the screen you have a number of actions that you could choose:
    • Click on a message to read it
    • Click on a button to create or write a new message
    • Select one or more messages and organize or delete them

Receiving E-Mail

When you first access your e-mail, it will show you a summary of what is in your inbox.

In the diagram above, you will notice:
  1. The e-mail program defaults to the inbox, in this case it shows that we have received two new messages.
  2. We are shown a summary of the messages, telling us who sent the e-mail, what the subject is about, and what time it arrived
  3. At this point we can either click on one of the summaries to read the message, or click on Compose or Create to write a new email