Creating Email

What We'll Learn

  1. Responding to an email you received
  2. Creating a new email
  3. Attaching a document or picture

Working with Email

Email can be broken down into four screens or activities:

Although these screens may be different on different devices, the functions and principles are the same.

Writing Email

On the write screen, you can create a message and decide who to send it to. There are couple of email etiquette rules that you should be aware of:
  1. Always include a meaningful subject line
  2. Don't contribute to email spam
  3. The recipient will automatically get a copy of your email address
  4. Keep it casual, but remember its permanent. Don't say something you'll regret later.
  5. DON'T USE ALL CAPITALS when you write. It is the equivalent of shouting and a great way to annoy people.
When you're all done, press the Send button, and your email is on its way!

Taking a Closer Look

At any time we can create a new e-mail by clicking on Compose or New depending on the email program.  We may get a screen that looks like the following:

There are several choices we have when sending an e-mail:
  1. First we must have an e-mail address for the person we wish to send the e-mail to.
  2. We could send to several people, or use the "Carbon Copy" (CC:) feature to add people we wish to inform.
  3. If we want to send a secret copy to someone, we can also add their e-mail address into the "Blind Carbon Copy" (BCC:) box. The person that receives your e-mail will see everyone on the list except for people in the BCC: box.
  4. It is important to put a short, meaningful summary in the subject box. This helps your recipient quickly identify what is in your message, and is helpful in organizing the message for future reference.
  5. If we wish to send a picture or other file, we can attach it to the e-mail, using the "Attach a file" link. Be careful not to attach very large files since they could "jam" up your mailbox.
  6. Press the send button once you're finished and your e-mail will be on its way!

Working with Attachments

On phones and tablets, you can use the share button to quickly email the item you are viewing (e.g picture or document). On a computer, you will need to tell the email where to find the attachment.

To attach a file:
  1. Choose the attachment button (usually a paperclip symbol)
  2. Choose the location of where the item is stored.
  3. Select the item you wish to attach.
In some email programs, you can simply drag file from the File Explorer onto the email message to automatically attach it.