Tweaking Windows 10

What We'll Learn

  1. Practical work arounds for some Windows 10 challenges

Never Quite Done

Windows 10 has lots of great new features. However, with change there always comes challenge. There's a few things that aren't quite yet working the way we would like them to. In this topic will discuss some of these challenges and recommended workarounds.

Default Apps

Windows matches each file type to a specific App on your system.  If these connections are incorrect or broken, you may have trouble opening certain types of files.

  • Go to Settings and search for Default Apps
  • Check to see that they are what you would like

Beyond the Edge

Yes, Microsoft Edge is pretty cool, but it also is missing some features and add-on support that we might depend on.  Some websites do not yet recorgnize The Edge and will not work at all. In these cases, a good alternative is to add Google Chrome to your system. Both The Edge and Google Chrome have significant advantages over the previous Internet Explorer.

  • Speed - Both are very fast.
  • Security - Both use advanced security techniques.
  • Microsoft Integration - The Edge
  • Google Integration - Google Chrome
  • Add-ons (Add Blocker, Site Rating Service) - Google Chrome


Desktop Email

Here are the choices you have to access your email:

  • On-line - Go on the Internet to the email post office and access your email directly from there.
  • Windows 10 Mail App and People App - 
  • Windows Live Mail 2012

Tell Me Where You Are

When you turn on location services, Windows tries to figure out what your geographic location is.  On a Desktop this is not an accurate process.  Here's the fix:

  • Open the Maps App
  • In Settings - Set your default location.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is built in and will automatically turn on when you uninstall any third party Anti-Virus

Windows Updates

Make sure you provide ample opportunity for big updates to be applied.