A Meeting of Worlds

What We'll Learn

  1. How Microsoft is combining the computer and tablet worlds
  2. How this process shows up in Windows 10

Bringing It All Together

Microsoft has big ambitions.  

They are the only company that is actively working on creating a common experience across all types of devices, from phones and tablets to gaming consoles to computers. 

Windows 8 was the first attempt at bringing these worlds together. Windows 10 is a much more polished version of what they learned from Windows 8.  

There's still some chinks in the armour, here is how they show up in Windows 10.

Windows Apps vs. Desktop Apps

Desktop Apps are the familiar computer windows that everyone is used to, just renamed.  Apps are the new full-screen tablet oriented programs that are also available. 

Settings vs. Control Panel

Settings are the new way to configure your Windows 10 computer.  However, all the bases aren't yet covered, so often you need to revert to the familiar Control Panel equivalents to get the job done.

Tablet vs. Computer View

Click the Tablet icon in the Action Center to switch your Windows 10 into tablet mode and back again.

Xbox vs. Games

Playing Microsoft Games now ties you directly into the Xbox arena, having you create an id for seamless online gaming from computer to console.

Microsoft Account

Using your Microsoft Account with Windows 10 opens up a host of Internet-enhanced capabilities, including:

  • Email at Outlook.com
  • Online storage and file sharing using OneDrive
  • Free MS Office online
  • Access to apps, games, music, movies and TV shows at the Windows Store
  • Call family and friends free with Skype
  • Play games with friends through Xbox Live
  • Earn credits using Microsoft's Bing search engine
  • Customized news, information and entertainment on MSN
  • Product purchase tracking