Printing Internet Information

What We'll Learn

  1. Viewing your information before you print it
  2. Printing part of an Internet page

Print Preview

Save yourself tons of paper by using Print Preview before you do your final print. Usually, you can find print preview on the menus, near the print function on most programs.

Exercise 1 - Print Preview in IE

These steps show you how to use Print Preview in Internet Explorer:
  1. Click on the Gear icon at the far top right
  2. Click on the Print  menu
  3. Click on Print Preview
Try these actions on the Print Preview screen:
  • Change the orientation from Portrait to Landscape
  • Change the margins
  • Turn the headers and footers on and off

Exercise 2

There are times when you wish to only print part of the text on a page. Use these steps:
  1. Use your mouse to drag across (highlight) the text you wish to print.
  2. Go to print preview.
  3. On the print preview screen, drop down the control that says As laid out on screen and click As selected on screen
Print preview will now display the selected text only.