Using Favourites or Bookmarks

What We'll Learn

  1. How favourites (or bookmarks) can save us time finding web sites
  2. How to set a new favourite web sites
  3. How to organize and manage our list of favourite web sites


Web browsers use favorites (or bookmarks) to help you remember and quickly access your favourite websites. Instead of searching for a website that you frequently visit, you can create a "button" that instantly takes you there.

The Favorites Bar

The best way to get started with Favorites, is to save the top websites you like to visit in your Favorites Bar.  The image below shows the favorites bar on Internet Explorer.

If you don't see the Favorites Bar, use these steps to make it visible:
  1. <Right-Click> on a blank area on the Title Bar
  2. <Click> on Favorites Bar so that there is a Check-mark beside it (see image below)


Exercise - Add a Website to the Favorites Bar

Use these steps to add a new favourite website to the Favorites Bar:
  1. Navigate to the website that you want to add (use search as discussed in: Learning to Drive)
  2. Once the page is displayed, click on the Add to Favorite icon (as shown)
Note: Only click it once, otherwise it will add a duplicate button for each time you click.

The Favorites Bar is good for storing about 6 to 10 favorites.  If you try to put too many buttons on the Favorites Bar, they will simply shift off the end and not be visible for quick access.

Exercise - Use a favorite to quickly get to a website

Follow these steps to try out your new Favorite button:
  1. Click on the Home button to go to your home page.
  2. Click on a Favorite to go to the corresponding page.

Exercise - Rename or Delete a Favorite

One way of fitting more favorites on your Favorite Bar is to give them shorter names so they take up less space.  You can easily rename a favorite using these steps:
  1. <Right-Click> on the Favorite
  2. Choose Rename from the menu
  3. Type in a new name
  4. Click OK
To Delete a Favorite, use the same steps above, but choose Delete from the menu instead of Rename.

Beyond the Favorites Bar

Internet Explorer is capable of storing and organizing hundreds of favorites.  Since these will not all fit on the Favorites Bar, Internet Explorer provides an additional menu and allows you to organize your favorites in folders if you wish. 

Exercise - Access the Favorites List

Follow these steps to access the favorites list:
  1. Click on the Star at the top right of the Browser
  2. Click on the Favorites Tab if the favorites list is not already displayed
  3. Click on any item to go directly to the related website, or click a folder to display the contents 

Exercise - Add to the Favorites List

These steps will allow you to add a website to your favorites list:
  1. Navigate to the website you wish to add.
  2. Click the Star to access the Favorites list
  3. Click the Add to Favorites button
  4. If you wish, you can change the name, create a new folder for the favorite, or put the favorite into an existing folder.
  5. Click OK
Note: If you click on the small arrow to the right of the Add to favorites button, you are presented with a menu.  Choose Organize favorites from that menu for a more advanced screen to help you organize your favorites.