Exploring Browser History

What We'll Learn

  1. Understand how your Internet History is tracked
  2. Navigate and search through your history

Remember Where You've Been

One of the great features of a Web Browser is that it automatically keeps track of where you have been when you are on the Internet.  This is called your Internet History or Browsing History.

You can use this feature to help find things later on or to trace through the web pages you recently viewed.

Exercise 1 - Using the Navigation Buttons

There are two prominent buttons, Back and Forward, at the top of your browser.  Let's try them out:

  1. Let's visit a website.  Search for "pinterest" and press the <Enter> key.
  2. You're taken to Google and presented with some recommendations.
  3. Choose Pinterest to go to the website.  
You've now navigated to two websites - Google Search and Pinterest.  Let's go back through these pages:

  1. Press the Back button on your browser. You should now be back to the Google Search page.
  2. Press Back again.  Now you will be at the page you started from.
  3. Now press the Forward button and note what happens.
In the same way each site you visit will be remembered for quick access through the Back and Forward buttons.

Exercise 2 - Full History

If you press down and hold the Back button, you can view your full history.  

Click on History to see the History List, note that it is on the same section as the Favorites List.

At any time, you can also access your history via the Favorites Star as follows:
  1. Click on the Star at the top right of your Browser
  2. Click on the History Tab to view the history list

Exercise 2 - Exploring History

You can view History in various ways, by choosing an option on the History list:  
  1. Click the small arrow to the right of the top entry on the History list.
  2. Choose a category, including the option to Search history