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Working with Windows

Learning Goals

  • Start or Launch a Program
  • Be familiar with the parts of a window
  • Use the Calculator
  • Work with multiple windows
  • Use Help as a learning tool

The Start Menu

  • Use the Start Menu to access programs and features on your computer
  • Click on Programs to see programs installed on your system
  • Press the Escape key or click on your desktop to make the Start Menu disappear

Start the Calculator Program

  • Click Start and then Programs
  • Slide your mouse across and up to the Accessories menu.
  • Slide your mouse across and down to the Calculator entry.
  • Click Calculator

Parts of a Window

  • All programs and information on your computer are displayed in rectangular boxes called a window.
  • All windows have common characteristics, when you are familiar with them you can find your way around any program.
  1. The Menu Bar will show you a list of common functions available in a program.  File, View, and Help are very common menus you will find on most programs.
  2. You can drag the Title Bar to move the window to a different spot on the screen.
  3. The Minimize button places the program on the "back burner", hiding it so it only appears as a Task Bar button.
  4. The Maximize button will expand the program to fit the whole screen, clicking it again will restore the program to its previous size.
  5. The Close button shuts down the program.
  6. Scroll Bars will appear if all the information does not fit in the window. Drag or click on the scroll bar to see the additional information.
  7. Most windows can be re-sized by dragging on the Border of the window.

Use the Calculator

  • Practice doing some calculations with your mouse.
  • Try to do some calculations with your keyboard.
  • Use the Memory button on the calculator

Learn about Help

  • View the drop down menus in the calculator
  • Click on Help
  • Open the help documentation
  • Use the maximize button to expand the help window
  • Use the search feature to find a topic
  • Close the help window

Minimize, Restore and Work with Multiple Windows

  • Minimize the calculator. Notice it is still running and there is a button on the task bar.
  • Click on the taskbar button to bring back the calculator window.
  • Open another calculator
  • Move them around by clicking on the Title Bar and see how they overlap
  • Click on a window and notice how it becomes active and the other windows are dimmer
  • Minimize and restore them.

Additional Information

For more practice, review these helpful tutorials from Microsoft:
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