Getting Personal

What We'll Learn

  1. How to add and remove Apps from your device
  2. How to personalize your screens

It's All About You

Your smart phone or tablet is a highly configurable device.  This means that you can set it up to be as convenient and helpful as possible based on what you want to do with it.   It also means that the settings that automatically came with the device are probably not the most idea, and you will need to change them.  Let's learn how.

What's On This Thing?

There's a lot of capability already packed on your phone or tablet. Sometimes it's hard to know what you already have.  

Programs on your device are called Apps. Your device has a list of programs that are pre-installed, and you can add new ones as needed. First let's start with a little exploration:

  • Apple - all Apps are displayed on one of the screens.  Swipe sideways to view screens and click on folders to view contents.
  • Android - click the Apps button to show a list of all apps.  The screens on Android only show Apps that you put on them.
  • Windows - swipe to the left to see a list of all apps.

Organizing Apps

Organizing your device is quite simple.  You can put whatever Apps you use most in the places where you can quickly find them:

Going to the Store

Each device also has a store online where you can buy new apps and download free apps. Check out this feature on your device:

Updating Apps

Each of the apps on your device may be updated from time to time. Usually this is set to automatic, but there may be a variety of situations that require you to manually update an app. App updates are created for a variety of reasons:
  • Fix a security risk
  • Fix or improve a feature
  • Add new functionality or features
You can become familiar with how updates work using the following tutorials: