The Photo Handling Process

What We'll Learn

  1. Get an overview of the Photo Handling process
  2. Highlight the key activities for each part of the process

Building a Quality Photo Library

A consistent process is important to create a high quality photo library. Our process has four distinct steps that you can do simultaneously or do each step individually as you have time. The diagram below is a summary of this process:


Step 1 - Take Good Photos

The first step of the process is to take the best possible pictures, and of course to take many of them. Review the following topic for some ideas:

Step 2 - Import Photos

The next step is to get the pictures from your camera to your computer, and leave your camera empty for the next shooting session. Use the Import Screen in Picasa to import your photos, following the details in the topic below:

These photos will be stored in the Review Folder on your computer. 

Step 3 - Review Photos

When you have the time, you can process some or all of the photos in your review folder. 

Use the Library Screen in Picasa to locate your photos, then use the Edit/View Screen to review. Remember, the review step should not be too overwhelming, just focus on the basics:
  • Delete as many pictures as possible, including all duplicates and poor quality shots.
  • Use basic editing features only where needed.
The goal is to reduce the stored photos to a minimal set of high quality pictures. The three keys you will use the most are the <Right-Arrow> <Left-Arrow> and <Delete> keys.  Referred to the topic below for more detail:

Step 4 - Document and Move Photos

Once you've completed the review, take some time to document your photos and then move them to your Library Folder of good pictures. In the Library Screen in Picasa do the following activities to make your photos easy to find :

  1. Group your photos by Event
  2. Tag the important people in your photos
  3. Describe the event using the format YYYY-MM Name of the Event
  4. Document details that you can later use to find these photos
  5. Move them to an organized area on your computer so you know you are done with your review.
Here are the detailed topics: