Importing Your Photos

What We'll Learn

  1. How to tranfer your photos to your computer
  2. Staying organized when importing photos

Getting Your Photos on Your Computer

It's important to move your photos to your computer soon after you take them.  Here's why:
  1. It's much easier to review pictures on the large screen of your computer
  2. Your photos are preserved, especially if your camera is lost or damaged
  3. You can easily backup and preserve additional copies from your computer
There are many ways to transfer photos from your camera, but we will be using Picasa to do the heavy lifting.

Deleting Photos from Your Camera

As part of the transfer process, we recommend Deleting photos from your camera after they are successfully transferred to your computer.   This is important for a variety of reasons:
  1. It makes sure you don't run out of space on a future photo shoot.
  2. It makes future transfers much faster and more efficient
  3. It helps you stay organized and avoid duplicate transfers or confusion about what's already been transferred.

Handling Duplicates

Picasa will help you identify duplicates when viewing pictures that are on your camera. Duplicates are pictures that are on your camera and have also been previously copied to your computer. You will see a large red x through the pictures that Picasa has identified as duplicates.

It's important that the Exclude Duplicates selection is checked.  That way, you can avoid creating multiple copies of the same picture on your computer when transferring from your camera.  If you do have photos duplicated on your computer and your camera, make sure to transfer any new photos, and then erase your camera card.

Exercise - Picasa Import

Carefully follow these steps to import your pictures from your camera:
  1. Connect your camera to your computer.
  2. In Picasa, click the Import button.
  3. The Import from: dropdown should show the name of your Camera, If not, click the arrow to select it.
    Your photos will show up divided into groups based on the time in which they were taken.
  4. Your Import to: folder will be set to Review. Choose 'date taken' as the folder title.
    Your photos will be saved under the Review folder in separate folders by date.
  5. The 'After copying' section should be set to Delete only copied photos if this is your computer.  
    If using someone else's computer use - Leave Card Alone
  6. Click Import All to import all the photos displayed.  Duplicates are excluded by default.
  7. Answer Yes to the prompt "Are you sure you want to delete copied files?"
    Wait for Picasa to transfer and load all your pictures.