Checking Your New Pictures

What We'll Learn

  1. Finding recently imported photos in Picasa

Where are My Pictures?

After successfully importing your photos into Picasa, you will automatically be sent to the Library View where you can check to see your new photos.  There are a couple of settings in Picasa to make it easier to find and organize your pictures.

Exercise 1 - Viewing Folders in a Tree Structure

We recommend always running Picasa to show folders in a Tree Structure instead of a Flat Structure. You can quickly check to see if you are using the correct folder view:

In Picasa's Library View:

  1. Look at the two pictures below to locate the Folder Organization buttons in Picasa.
  2. The Tree Structure button should be selected. You can tell if it is selected because it appears darker than the other button, as in the diagram below. 
  3. Click on the Tree Structure button to select it.  Once selected, it should stay that way.



Exercise 2 - Locating Your Imported Pictures

Locate your imported pictures by looking for a folder as follows:

  1. Locate the To Review folder on the left hand side of the window.
  2. Locate the folder of newly imported photos.  Should be named with the date when you took the pictures.


Exercise 3 - Finding Most Recent Pictures

If you still are having difficulty finding imported pictures, use this method to find the most recent imported pictures:

  1. Click on the Recent Photos album to quickly view recent and recently edited photos
  2. Try the Date Filter Slider as indicated on the diagram below to narrow down photos by date