Sharing Your Photos

What We'll Learn

  1. How to easily email your photos
  2. Other practical ways to share your photos with others

It's About Sharing

Photos are much more fun if they are shared with family and friends.  There's a variety of ways to share photos:
  • If you are sharing less than a dozen, you could simply email them
  • Use Google+ Photos to control how you share photo albums
  • Get the Facebook plugin to share on Facebook

Emailing Your Pictures

One of the easiest ways to send pictures in Picasa is to email them.  

Exercise 1 - Setup Email Options

First check your email settings in Picasa (one-time setup):
  1. Click Tools in Picasa
  2. Select Options to access Picasa settings
  3. Click on the E-mail tab
  4. Set the following settings:
    1. Email program: Use my Google account
    2. Size for multiple pictures: set slider to 1024 pixels
    3. Size for single pictures: Original size
    4. Send movies as: First frame
  5. Click OK to save your settings
Exercise 2 - Email Pictures

Now let's send a couple of pictures:

  1. Make sure you are signed in to your account.
  2. Select the pictures you wish to send, they should appear in your picture tray.
  3. Click the Email button.
  4. Choose send by Gmail if you are asked.
  5. Enter the email addresses of the recipients, add any message, and then click Send
Be aware that sending a large number of pictures can be a problem due to size limits built in for email messages.  For sharing larger groups of photos, pick one of the options below.

Google+ Photo Albums

You can share photo albums on Google+ via posts or via links. This involves three steps:

  1. Uploading or syncing your Photos to Google+ Albums online
  2. Adding permissions to control who the photos are shared with
  3. Sending email notifications to the recipients so they can find your photos

If you share an album with someone via link, they won't need to log into Google+ to view it, but keep in mind that they can share that link elsewhere. 

Exercise - Upload Photos to Google+

First, let's get a copy of your photos on-line.  Here are the steps:
  1. Make sure you are signed in to your account.
  2. Select the pictures you wish to upload, they should appear in your picture tray.
  3. Click the Share on Google+ button
  4. Remove any people from the + Add circles or people area by clicking the X next to their names.
  5. Click the Upload button
This will now create a private copy of your photos on-line.

Exercise - Sharing with other Google Users

If you are sharing with other Google Account users (i.e. gmail recipients), you can use Google+ to control sharing to these individuals.

  1. Go to the Google+ Photos website:
    • Sign in to your account if required

  2. Click on More, Albums to locate your Album

  3. Click the album you wish to share, then click the Share button at the top right.
  4. Add your comments and select who to share with. You can share with someone who is not on Google+ by entering their email address in the To field.
  5. Click Share.

Exercise - Sharing with non Google Users

If you are sharing with non Google users, you can control sharing by sending an email link to specific individuals.  Here's how:
  1. Follow step 1 and 2 above to navigate to your Album
  2. Click the album you wish to share, then click the v (down arrow) at the top right

  3. Click the Share via Link option
  4. Copy the link and then go to your email and compose an email, pasting the link into the email message.
More Info

Check out these resources for more info on sharing photos from Google+ and Picasa.

Sharing on Facebook

You can add the ability to share directly from Picasa to your Facebook account. In order to do this you need to add a custom program to Picasa. Here is how:

  1. Go to the Picasa Facebook Uploader website:
  2. This program also requires Adobe Air to run.  You will be prompted to install it.
  3. Next you will choose to Add Facebook Button to Picasa
You can now add photos directly to your Facebook as follows:
  1. Select the pictures you wish to upload, they should appear in your picture tray.
  2. Click the Facebook button and follow the prompts to save your photos to a Facebook album.