Working with Multiple Photos

What We'll Learn

  1. Selecting multiple photos
  2. Using the Picasa PhotoTray

Selecting Multiple Photos

Sometimes you want to move a number of photos or perform other actions on a bunch of pictures.  The Library View in Picasa let's you work with multiple photos at a time.  First, try the exercise below to learn how to select photos:


Select a single photo:
  1. Click on a photo.  It is now selected (highlighted)
  2. Click on another photo.  The selection switches to the new photo
Select a group of photos:
  1. Click on a photo.  It is now selected (highlighted)
  2. Now <Shift-Click> on another photo.   Both photos are highlighted, including all the ones in between!
Selecting multiple photos not in a row:
  1. Click on a photo.  It is now selected (highlighted)
  2. Now <Ctrl-Click> on another photo.  Only these two photos are highlighted.
  3. Now <Ctrl-Click> on a third photo.  All three are now selected.
Note that the bottom of the screen displays the number of pictures that you have selected.

Try selecting multiple photos in one folder and then in another.  It doesn't work.  Don't worry, Picasa has a tool to help you handle this situation.  It's called the Photo Tray

The Photo Tray

At the bottom left of the Library View is a blank area called the Photo Tray.  This spot is used to collect and hold pictures that you want to batch together for different purposes.   Perhaps to create an Album from pictures in different folders, or to email a bunch of pictures, etc.  The photo tray is shown in the picture below:

Let's look at a few features of the Photo Tray:
  • Pictures selected show up as small thumbnails in the tray (try the exercise above and see what happens)
  • There is a hold, clear and add to album button to the right of the tray
  • All the other buttons and functions at the bottom of the screen will be applied to all the pictures in the tray


Select multiple pictures from more than one folder:
  1. Click on a photo. It is now selected.  Note what is in the photo tray.
  2. Click on the Hold Button to lock the current picture in the tray.  A hold symbol will appear on the picture.
  3. Click on a photo in another folder. Continue with step 2 if you wish to select from a third folder.