Organizing People

What We'll Learn

  1. How automatic People Albums work in Picasa
  2. Tips on working with People Albums

People Albums

In the Name Tags tutorial, we learned Picasa can identify and group pictures of individuals in your photo library.  Picasa creates People Albums containing a collection, or view of all photos with each tagged person.  People albums appear below the regular Albums and above Folders on the left side of the Library View.

The most convenient way to manage People albums is to sort them by the amount of picture per person.  This way, you will have quick access to the most popular people in your photo library.


  1. Locate the People folders in Picasa.
  2. Note any Albums already created.
  3. Click the Folder Sort arrow as indicated in the diagram.
  4. Select Sort People by Amount.
Note: Your name will always appear at the top of the list, even though other people may be more popular.

Unnamed People and Suggestions

Picasa scans all the photos in your library to identify any faces it can recognize.  Then it groups these into one of the following:

  • Matches someone you already identified - these are automatically added to the People Album.
  • Suggested Match to someone you identified - these are shown in the People Album as a suggestion for you to confirm.
  • Unnamed individual - similar faces are grouped and placed in a Unnamed People Album at the top of the list.


  1. View the People Albums
  2. Locate the Unnamed Album
  3. Locate any folders containing Suggested Matches


Exploring a People Album

Each People Album has some unique features. Use the steps below to explore these further:

Face Shot versus Picture View

  1. Click on a People Album for a specific person.
  2. Click the Face/Picture button (as shown on the diagram below) to toggle between a face shot and the full picture from which this person was identified.

Setting Album Thumbnail

The Album Thumbnail is the small picture that appears beside each persons People Album.  This picture is usually set to the first picture that you identified for that person.  Here is how you can manually set it.
  1. <Right-Click> the desired picture you want to use as the Album Thumbnail
  2. On the menu, select Set as People Alumb Thumbnail

Correcting the Name of a People Album

To correct the name of a People Album use these steps:
  1. <Right-Click> on the People Album, or the Album header.
  2. Choose Edit People Album...  from the menu
  3. If you are linked to your Google Account, click the Manage Online Contacts to make the change in your Gmail Contacts
If the Album is a duplicate of another album:
  1. Select all the pictures in the Album.
  2. <Right-Click> on one of the selected pictures
  3. Choose Move to People Album to merge these photos with the correct album.

Working with People Suggestions

As you identify more and more people in your collection, Picasa will get smarter and smarter at recognizing them in new photos.  It will begin to automatically match or provide you with Suggested Matches.  Here is how to use this feature:

  1. Locate a People Album with suggested photos by looking for the Orange Question Mark symbol (as shown below)
  2. Picasa will show you how many suggestions it has.  Click the Show Suggestions button, to only show the suggestions for this person.
  3. If they are all a match, click Confirm all, otherwise, click the checkmark or x button for each suggestion accordingly.

Locate in Picasa

Like regular Albums in Picasa, People Albums are simply views of existing photos that are actually stored in different folders. Here's how to quickly locate where the view is physically located:

  1. <Right-Click> on a picture.
  2. Select Locate in Picasa
  3. Picasa will highlight the Folder and select the actual picture referenced in the People Album.

More Info

Learn more about Picasa Name Tags by visiting the Picasa Help Tutorial on-line: