Working with Folders in Picasa

What We'll Learn

  1. Move folders from within Picasa
  2. How to move individual photos or split photos into separate folders

Storing Your Good Photos

After we have deleted bad shots and done some basic edits, we're ready to move our photos into our library.  The exercises below depend on which scenario you are dealing with:
  • Photos that you want to add to an existing event or folder already in your library.
  • An entire folder you want to move to your library, essentially creating a new event or topic in your library.
  • Photos for multiple events in a single folder that need to be split into multiple folders first and then moved to your library.

Exercise A - Moving Photos into an Existing Event

This is the easiest situation, where you have a folder for an event that already exists in your Library. Here are the instructions from the Picasa on-line help file:

The easiest way to move or rearrange photos in Picasa is to drag and drop them at their desired location. Before you get started, it's important to understand the implications of the move: Moving a photo to a different folder in Picasa also moves the photo on your hard drive

Follow these steps:

  1. Select the photos you'd like to move. You can only drag and drop photos from one folder at a time.
  2. Click on a selected photo and hold the mouse key down while you drag your photos to their new location. Once your cursor is at the desired location, release the mouse key to drop them in the new folder or album.

If you have a large collection of photos, it may be easier to drag them to the folder list on the left-hand side of your library and drop them once the desired folder or album is highlighted.


Exercise B - Moving a Folder from Review to the Library

If you have already reviewed and named a folder, you can easily move it into the Library as follows:
  1. Right-click the folder you'd like to move.
  2. Select Move folder.
  3. Choose your desired destination (e.g. 2009).
  4. Click OK.
In this example, the folder will now appear under the 2009 section in your Library.

Note: If the folder does not exist, you can create it.  For detailed instructions go to the Photo Library Setup tutorial.

Exercise C - Splitting a Folder into Separate Folders

Sometimes you will have a situation where you have a group of photos in a folder that represent two or more events.  In this case you first want to split them into separate folders. Here's how:

  1. Right-click (Windows) the first photo of the group that should be separated to a new folder.
  2. Select Split Folder Here. Notice that all the subsequent pictures in the folder are also selected.
  3. Enter the folder properties.
  4. Click the OK button.
After naming the folders appropriately, follow the instructions above to move these folders to your Photo Library.