Favourites and Albums

What We'll Learn

  1. How to quickly mark your favourite photos
  2. Creating groups of photos from different folders

Marking Your Favourite Pictures

Of all the great pictures that you take, there are always a few exceptional or unique photos.  You can quickly mark them as your favourites to help you find them later.  Here's how:

In Library View
  1. Select a picture that you want to mark as a favourite.
  2. Click on the Star in the lower part of the screen - it will turn yellow. Your picture is now marked as a favourite.
  3. Click on the Star again to remove it. Your picture is removed from the favourite pictures

In Edit View
  1. View picture that you want to mark as a favourite.
  2. Click the Star button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click it again to remove this picture from favourites.

Folders versus Albums

Picasa has both Folders and Albums.

Folders in Picasa are an actual view of physical pictures and folders on your computer. 
  • If you rename, move or delete move a Picasa Folder, it affects the actual folder on your computer. 
  • If you delete or move a photo in a Picasa Folder, it deletes or moves the actual photo on your computer.  
  • If you make changes on your computer outside of Picasa, those changes will be reflected in the Picasa Folders.  
  • Picture Edits are stored in Picasa like a mask. These masks are only applied to your actual pictures when you Save the changes to your pictures.
Albums in Picasa are views of photos that only exist in Picasa. 
  • Albums are additional views of existing photos.
  • Photos are not duplicated in the Album View, they just reference pictures from one or more Folders.
  • Deleting a photo from an Album just removes it from the Album.  It does not affect the actual photo which exists in a Folder.
  • Moving or organizing your photos in Albums does not affect the original photo, since it is just a reference.
  • Edits to photos in an Album do affect the photo that they reference, just as if it was done in a Folder.

Creating Albums

Picasa automatically creates two additional views, or Albums of your photos automatically.  They are:
  • Starred Photos - a collection of all photos that you marked as Favourites across all your Folders.
  • Recently Updated - a collection of all photos that have been recently added to your computer in Folders that are monitored by Picasa.

Exercise - Create an Album

You can create your own collections or albums. Here are the instructions from the Picasa Help files:

  1. Select the photos you wish to include in the album and put them in the Photo Tray in the lower-left corner of the window.
  2. Once all your selections are in the Photo Tray, click the add to album button Add Selected Items to an Album button on the Photo Tray.
  3. Select New album. You can also choose to add the photos to an existing album in the menu.
  4. In the 'Album Properties' window, name the album. 
  5. Click the OK button.

Exercise - Playing with Favourites

Play with the favourites feature:
  1. Mark a few photos as favourites.
  2. Go to the Starred Photos Album, note what photos are there.
  3. Delete a photos from the Starred Photos Album
  4. Locate the photo in the original Folder
  5. Note what happened to the Star, or Favourite setting of this photo.