Backup Your Photos

What We'll Learn

  1. Why it's important to backup your pictures
  2. How Picasa helps you preserve your pictures

Backup or Lose It!

Now that your pictures are organized on your computer, it's very important that nothing happens to your precious collection.  The simple rule:
  •  Always have an up to date copy of your pictures on somewhere other than your computer.
Although computers are very reliable, at some point they will fail, particularly the mechanical components.  When that happens, there is a probability that you could lose all your pictures.

A Backup is a copy of all your important photos. Unlike just making a manual copy of your photos, a backup:
  • is efficient - will track what has changed and only copy what's needed
  • can be automatic - you can set a backup to happen consistently without depending on you to run it. 

Backup Strategies

There are a variety of ways to preserve your data, here are a couple of common approaches:

Manually copying important files to a USB key, CD or DVD disks is the easiest and least expensive way to preserve your information. However, this is generally a manual process that you need to remember to do periodically. Also, keeping multiple copies organized can be a challenge.

An external USB Drive is a more costly backup solution but provides the convenience of "no worry" automated backups. Most external USB Drives have enough storage space to backup everything on your computer.

For a small monthly fee, you can use an online backup service, such as Crashplan, to automatically keep a copy of your information stored on the Internet. In addition to convenience, this protects you in case of fire or theft as well. 

Exercise  - Backup Photos with Picasa

If you wish to manually make a backup of the Photos that Picasa is watching, here are the steps from the on-line help file:

  1. In Picasa, click the Tools menu.
  2. Select Backup Pictures.
  3. Click one of the following buttons to get started:
    • New Set: Create a new backup set of your folders and albums. If this is your first time backing up through Picasa, choose this option. Make sure to specify the following details:
      • Enter a name for your backup set.
      • In the 'Backup Type' section, select 'Disk-to-disk backup'. Click the Choose button, locate your drive and click OK.
      • Specify the types of files to include in the backup set.
    • Edit Set: If you've previously made backup sets, you can update those sets with any changes that you've made since.
  4. Click the Create button.
  5. Select the checkboxes in the Folder List of folders and albums you'd like to back up. Only selected folders and albums will be included in the backup. To select all folders and albums, click the Select All button.
  6. Click the Backup button to initiate the process.
Picasa will also allow you to backup to CD or DVD discs.  You can find the detailed instructions by using the link below: