More Photo Review Activities

What We'll Learn

  1. Other practical activities to consider during review
  2. Starting to work with edit features of Picasa

Some Basic Edits

The review stage is also a great place to do some basic edits to your photos.  You don't want to make this too onerous, otherwise you'll never finish your review.  Here are some things you might want to do:
Although there are many other things you could do to your photos, we recommend sticking with the above and doing further edits after moving your photos into your Library.

Exercise 1 - Download Practice Photos

To practice basic editing, we will be downloading some prepared practice pictures.

First, create a Practice folder in your Review area.
  1. From the Start Menu - select Pictures (or My Pictures in Windows XP)
  2. Double click the Review folder to open it
  3. Click New Folder from the menu to create a new folder
  4. Name the folder Practice

Then download the iQ4u Practice Photos
  1. Click here to access on-line album.
  2. Click on the picture you want to download
  3. Click download at the top of the screen
  4. Download into a folder in your Review area.
Practice removing red-eye from a photo
  1. Locate the practice photo with red eye. 
  2. Try the Red Eye removal feature in Picasa
  3. Experiment with both automatic and manual modes

Exercise 2 - Zooming in on Photo Detail

Sometimes you want to look a little closer at a detail in your photo. When reviewing photos in Picasa, here are the instructions from the online Picasa Help topic:

You can manually zoom in on a photo up to 400 percent using the slider bar in the bottom right corner of the Edit Photos screen.  

There are two additional buttons to the right of the slider bar to control the zoom:
  • Fit photo inside viewing area: Automatically fits the selected photo in the viewing area.
  • Display photo at actual size: Displays the photo at 100 percent of its size. (This is often larger than the viewing area.)

  • The exact percentage of magnification for a zoomed photo is displayed in the lower-right side of the viewing area.
  • To view a different section of a photo, just click and drag within the photo.

Exercise 3 - Review Editing

For detailed instructions on how to do each of the exercises, you can refer to the on-line resource below:
Using the practice photos, try the following features of Picasa:
  1. Remove Red Eye
  2. Crop a photo
  3. Experiment with Auto Contrast and I'm Feeling Lucky
  4. Straighten a photo
Be Careful. Keep in mind that your screen settings can affect what your pictures look like, and they might physically be somewhat different in reality.  You can do an experiment by adjusting some pictures and then having them professionally printed, comparing the contrast and colours you are observing on the screen with how they printed.