Editing Photos in Picasa

What We'll Learn

  1. Understand how Picasa manages changes to photos
  2. Learn how to update the original photo with your changes

How Picasa Preserves Your Photos

Picasa works with your original photos, wherever they happen to be on your computer. Your original photos are always preserved. When make changes to your photos in Picasa, your original files are never touched. The photo edits are saved in Picasa and will only be viewable in Picasa.  Below is a conceptual picture of how Picasa works:


Updating Your Original Photos

If you want to use your changes outside of Picasa, you need to update your originals by saving your changes.  Picasa will store a copy of the original in a hidden folder and then apply your changes to create a new copy in place of the original.  Keep in mind that each time you save your changes, you will lose some detail in your photos, so it's best to do this as a last step only when you wish to print, transfer, or use your files in some other program. 


After you have made some edits in Picasa, use these steps to apply these changes to the original photos on your computer:

  1. In the Library View, click the Save to Disk Button save to disk located in near the folder name and description.
    • Picasa creates a copy of your photo with all edits applied and moves the original to a subfolder called '.picasaoriginals'. This subfolder is hidden on your computer and isn't visible in Picasa. This automatic backup lets you undo or revert your saves.
  2. Edit a photo that you saved, and click Undo Save to restore the photo to its original copy.