Review Step One - Get Rid of Your Photos

What We'll Learn

  1. Review the Photo Handling Process
  2. Why it's so important to delete your photos

The Review Process

Reviewing your photos is a critical step in managing a great library of digital photos.  After storing our imported photos on our computer, we can come back at any time and review them.   The end result, we end up with only the best photos in our permanent Photo Library.  Reviewing your photos is the second step in the Photo Handling Process:

The most important part of reviewing your photos:
  • Ruthlessly delete as many as pictures as possible.  

Why It's Important to Delete Photos

Probably the greatest challenge of digital photography is the ability to easily take bad pictures.  Like weeds in the garden, your great shots will quickly be overrun and hidden by the volume of other photos.  Taking the time to decisively review and delete photos now will save you hours of time in the future.   

For example:  Suppose you take several group shots at a family gathering.  You narrow it down to two or three great photos.  What to do?  My recommendation: pick one and remove the other two.  

Why?  If you agonize over this decision now, you only need to do it once.  Otherwise, you will have to revisit it again and again, each time you consider using these pictures for a project or slideshow.

This discipline is the key to making it easier to find, manage and edit your photo library. It lets you focus on quality and saves you countless hours of work. Your enjoyment increases as you can easily search and find great shots in your library as it grows. 

Still having trouble deciding what to delete.  Here are some tips:

  • Remove all duplicates
  • Remove all poor quality shots
  • Remove anything that doesn't add value to the story
I would even encourage you to revisit your library from time to time to do some additional weeding.  For example, I like to do a year end review and see what can be removed from the collection of photos for that year.

Exercise 1 - Reviewing and Deleting Pictures in Picasa

Picasa provides some great features to help you review, compare and delete pictures in your Review Folder:

  1. Double-Click the first picture in a folder to display it in Picasa's Edit View
  2. Use your <Right> and <Left> arrow keys to move between pictures
  3. Press <Delete> to delete a picture from your computer.  If you get a confirmation window, click on the Do Not Ask Again checkbox to avoid having this pop up.  Note: All deleted photos will be in your Recycle Bin and can be recovered if you make a mistake.

Exercise 2 - Side by Side Review

Picasa also has a handy side by side view to help compare two photos side by side.  Try it:

  1. In Edit View, choose the A/B button, found above the photo: side by side editing buttons
  2. Click the A button to exit side by side mode.