Adding Name Tags

What We'll Learn

  1. How Name Tags work in Picasa
  2. How to add name tags in your review process

What are Name Tags?

Picasa has very powerful face recognition features.  This capability is very useful for:
  • Quickly finding pictures of a person or several people together across all your photos
  • Automatically learning to recognize and identify people in your photo library
  • Helping manage how you share photographs
If you have been using this feature, it's quite likely that Picasa has already identified some or all of the people in your newly imported photos.  During review, it's a good practice to check and update the name tags on your new photos before moving them to your Good Photo Library.

Exercise - Add Name Tags

Use these steps from the online Google Help Tutorial to add name tags to the practice pictures:

  1. Optional: Sign in to your Google Account at the top right of Picasa. This lets you add name tags faster by accessing your Google contacts.

  2. Add name tags for people appearing in the photo. Click the People button in the bottom-right corner when viewing any folder, album, or photo to see all the faces that appear in the selected photos. Add names to those that need it.

  3. Keep tagging. Ignore the people you don't know. You don't have to name everyone. Deleting an unnamed face or clicking the  icon on a photo will place that photo in the 'Ignored' album. You can view the photos you've ignored at any time by clicking Show ignored faces at the top of the 'Unnamed People' album.

  4. Confirm Picasa face suggestions. Picasa uses the names you add to automatically add face suggestions to your albums. 

  5. Manually add names if Picasa misses a face in your photo.  Click the Add a person manually button at the bottom of the People tab when viewing the photo.

Don't worry if you make a mistake when adding name tags -- if a face winds up in the wrong people album, select the photo and click the Remove button at the top (or press the Delete key on your keyboard) to send it back to the 'Unnamed People' album. Learn more about deleting name tags.