Why Picasa?

What We'll Learn

  1. About different types of photo software
  2. How Picasa helps us work with our photo collection

Picasa, a free Photo Management program from Google is the core program we will use to manage our digital photo library. 

Digital Photo Software

There is a wide variety of photo software available on the market.  In general they can be broken down into several catagories:

 Category        Example
 Photo library manager and viewer Canon Zoombrowser
 Specialized Photo Manipulation  Photo Stitching Software
 Advanced photo and image editing Adobe Photoshop
 Photo project edit and create Microsoft Movie Maker

Your camera will often come with software, some of these you may need to load on your computer:
  • Camera drivers - special software that lets your computer talk to your camera
  • Manufacturer's Photo management software - software that lets you download and organize your pictures

Picasa Core Capabilities

 is a best-in-class photo management program from Google. Picasa is an excellent core resource since it combines the following capabilities into a single program:
  • Automatically preserves original copies of edited photos.
  • Works with photos in their current locations on your computer
  • Has advanced photo search and organizational tools, including facial recognition
  • Has a broad variety of common editing features and some advanced editing ability
  • Manages photo library backup and preservation
  • Easily share photos via email, Facebook or other services
  • Quickly create and view slideshows of your photos
  • Variety of convenient photo project tools 
  • It's free!
Picasa can be used alongside other photo programs on your computer without any conflict.