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Exploring On-line Video

Learning Goals

  • Learn about on-line video sites
  • Explore YouTube
  • Develop ways to find interesting videos on YouTube

The World of Internet Video

The Internet not only contains a lot of information, it's also an incredible source of entertainment and creativity.  There are a variety of video sharing sites on the Internet, but by far the largest is YouTube.
  • More than 48 hours of video uploaded every minute
  • Videos available in 43 languages
  • Over 2 Billion views a day

Start Exploring YouTube

To access the YouTube site, simply type www.youtube.com in your browser, or search for youtube.

You don't need an account to explore YouTube, but may wish to consider it to take advantage of extra features.  Instructions for setting up a account are found at the end of this tutorial.

Explore categories like:

Check out what's popular by viewing the YouTube Charts.  Or try the experimental features like:

  • Leanback - TV like experience playing full screen YouTube channels with simple controls.
  • Disco - Find music you like and discover related artists

Creating an YouTube Account

One of the first things to do in YouTube is to consider creating an account.  Even if you never publish your own videos, having an account gives you some significant features:
  • Let's the system track what you like and make recommendations
  • Allows you to save favourite videos for future reference
  • Gives you the ability to subscribe to your favourite channels
The video below provides detailed instructions for setting up a YouTube Account:

More Information

For more advanced features and capabilities for YouTube, see the following topics: