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Exploring Google Maps

Learning Goals

  • Access the Google maps website
  • Learn to search for an address
  • Maximize the map viewing area
  • Become familiar with navigation features
  • Explore different map views
  • Explore map features including photos and movies

Accessing Google Maps

Google Maps is a terrific site for exploring geographical and community information.  You can explore your neighbourhood, or travel to exotic places, all without leaving your chair!  Here is how to get started:
  • Open Internet Explorer.  If you are unfamiliar with Internet Explorer, you may want to read the Using the Internet tutorial first.
  • In the Address Bar type maps.google.com and press the Enter key.
    • Or, you could simply search for google maps in the Quick Search box.

Search for Your Home

  • Type in your home address in the Maps Search area
    • Tip: Be sure to put a comma (,) between your street, your city, and your province.
  • Click Search and the map will zoom into your home.

Expand the Viewing Area

  • Press the <F11> key to expand Internet Explorer to full screen mode.  Practice switching between regular and full screen mode by pressing the <F11> key again.
  • Expand map area as shown below:

Navigate Google Maps

Try out some of the Navigation features as highlighted on the diagram below:

Exploring Google Map Features

Visit the Google Maps overview page at the following link and try the various features:

Using the resource above, try the following exercises:
  1. Find the nearest Pizza places
  2. View local photos of your neighbourhood
  3. Try out the overview map
Here's a video demonstrating how to use Google Maps to plan a weekend trip

Getting Directions

Google Maps is great for finding how to get from point A to B, even if you want to travel by bike or foot!

Google Maps Street View

Google Street View takes you there by putting you on the street.  Take a stroll through a city that you've always wanted to visit!

Beyond Maps - Google Earth

Fascinated by travel and geography.  Go the next step and load Google Earth on your computer.  Get 3D views, fly across landscapes, and explore the ocean depths.

Here's some of what you can experience: