Working with Windows

Become confident in finding your way around any Windows computer. By learning a few patterns, a bit of computer jargon, and how to use key features, you can focus on making your computer help you achieve your goals.

Using Windows 10

Learn how to get the most out of Microsoft's newest version of Windows. Explore new capabilities including on-line services like OneDrive, voice interaction with Cortana, sharing information via the Edge browser, and customizing your Windows experience. 

Computer Anatomy 101

You don't need to know what's under the hood to drive a car.  Similarly, you don't need to be a computer engineer to fully enjoy your computer.  However, a bit of understanding goes a long way towards knowing how to get the most out of your system.

Microsoft Windows Basics

Just like driving an automobile, it's a lot easier to get where you want to go when you're comfortable with how to use the steering wheel, the gas pedal, and the brakes. By learning a couple of basic patterns and some common computer jargon, you'll soon be able to find your way around any Windows computer.

Files and Folders

All the information and programs on your computer are stored in files.  The computer uses folders to help keep these files organized and together. Many tasks on a computer involve saving or finding information.  Knowing a bit about files and folders is a core skill for using Windows.

Playing with Digital Music

If you enjoy music, you'll be surprised that a computer is a stereo on steroids.  You can use your computer to store your music collection, act as an intelligent juke box, and give you access to a wealth of on-line content and information.

Working with Digital Photos

Taking pictures has never been easier.  Of course, now there's lots of new challenges: finding your pictures, organizing them, editing and backing them up.

Using the Internet

One of the most important things about having a computer is the ability to connect to the Internet.  Through the Internet you can send email, access countless resources, and harness the capabilities of millions of computers around the world. 

Working with Email

Email is still one of the most important ways to stay connected with those you care about and to make sure important information gets conveyed effectively. Take your email understanding and communications to the next level through this course.

Taming Facebook

Keeping in touch with family and friends has never been easier, and more addictive! Master the ropes of Facebook and learn how to stay focused on what and who is important in your life.

Safe and Secure

Enjoy your computer with confidence by learning to recognize and avoid computing risks and hazards.

Internet, Tablets and Phones

Discover the potential of a connected tablet or smartphone. Gain a deeper understanding of your device, exploring digital media, services and communications.

All Things Google
All Things Google

Explore a variety of powerful services and capabilities freely accessible through your Google Account, on your computer, phone or tablet.